Kylie Jenner gets her first look at Sun Wolf’s nursery – including his wardrobe full of sneakers!

Kylie Jenner Gives a glimpse into the new home of baby Wolf.

On Monday, the 24-year-old uploaded a file Video On YouTube titled “To Our Son,” she shares new details from her pregnancy journey and reveals her first look at custody of her newborn baby. Jenner and Travis Scott Welcome their second child, son Wolfon February 2.

In the video, viewers are given a tour of Wolf’s neutral-colored nursery, filled with children’s books, stuffed animals (including a Louis Vuitton teddy bear) and a closet full of children’s sneakers.

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“Look into the baby’s room,” Jenner’s 4-year-old daughter storm She says nicely as she opens the door for the videographer.

After playing with some baby blocks in the nursery, Stormi leaves her little brother a hand-drawn picture under his bookshelf.

The sweet video also includes footage from Jenner’s shower, her hospital birth and warm messages from her family.

Last week, a source told People that Jenner was pregnant with her son Wolf “very different” than when she was pregnant with daughter Stormi.

“After suffering from Stormi, she recovered quickly. She was also resting more and took a huge step back by keeping her pregnancy to herself. As a working mother with a young child, her pregnancy with Wolf was very different. She experienced more stress trying to balance everything out. ‘ said the insider.

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The source also noted that Jenner was “surprised that her recovery after Wolff was more difficult” and that she “expected it to be easier.”

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner / Instagram

The source continued, “She wants to be honest about it. She helped and is still exhausted.” “She has a great support system and is focused on taking care of herself too. She loves being a mother and wants to be the best.”

The Kylie Cosmetics founder has started “slowly working again” and has been “on some work calls, but he’s also taking time off work.”

“She’s realized she doesn’t have to do everything and it’s fine,” the insider said. “She’s human and she wants to be kind to herself.”

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