KRRiT wants to punish TVN. For a report on Macierewicz and the Smolensk Commission

Procedures, in particular, determine whether there is a right to broadcast “Black and White: The Power of Lies” aired on TVN24 and TVN contains content that violates Art. 1 and 3 of the 18 Second Broadcasting Act, by promoting disinformation and actions against the Polish raison d’être and a threat to public safety” – We read in Friday’s announcement.

The amount of such fine is specified in the Act and the amount is: Annual fee for the right to use the frequency intended for broadcasting of the program up to 50 percent.

What was in the problematic broadcast? “Black on White” reporter reached out to Piotr Świerczek Records, photographs and international expertise, although commissioned by the Subcommittee, never made it into its reportsIncluding the latter, this should be the final report.

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