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Russia also says the West’s refusal to recognize “new territories” illegally seized from Ukraine is making negotiations to end the conflict difficult. A Kremlin spokesman assured on Friday, “The Kremlin is open to negotiations, but not on the West’s demand to withdraw from Ukraine.”

Vladimir Putin is open to negotiations aimed at protecting our interests. But Moscow was certainly not ready to accept American conditions. What did President Biden really say? He said talks would only be possible after Putin leaves Ukraine

– said Dmitry Peskov and described such demands as “unacceptable”.

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Pszczel on General Gerasimov’s silence: He had no instructions from his boss

In late September, Putin declared four Ukrainian regions part of Russia, but with Russian forces in eastern Ukraine occupying much of Luhansk, their invasion of Donetsk has stalled and they are retreating to Kherson and Zaporizhia in the south.

Biden ready to talk to Putin On one condition

At a press conference on Thursday President US Joe Biden described Vladimir Putin’s actions as “sickening” and said there was only one rational way to end the war in Ukraine – for Putin to “get out”.

But it seems he won’t. He is paying a very high price for not doing this, but he is waging an unbelievable, unbelievable massacre of the people of Ukraine. Bombing of nurseries, hospitals, orphanages. What he does is sick

Biden told reporters at the White House. The US president added that he had no immediate plans to contact Putin, but was “willing to talk” with the Russian leader “if he is really looking for a way to end the war.” “He hasn’t done that yet,” Biden pointed out.

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– If this is the case, in agreement with my French and NATO friends, I would be happy to sit down with Putin to see what he wants and what he thinks. Meanwhile, I think what Emmanuel Macron said was absolutely critical. We must support the Ukrainian nation – he declared during the press conference where he appeared President France.

Scholes – Putin phone conversation. German Chancellor Condemns Russian Shelling of Infrastructure

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz condemned Russian shelling of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, his press office said. On Friday, Schalls spoke for an hour with Vladimir Putin. German spokesman sequence Olaf Scholes called on Vladimir Putin to resolve the conflict diplomatically – including the withdrawal of Russian troops from the occupied territories. He emphasized Germany’s determination to support Ukraine and its defense capability. Politicians also discussed the global food crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. The parties agreed to keep in touch.

On Thursday, Ukrainian energy company DTEK said nearly half of Ukraine’s power grids had been destroyed after repeated Russian shelling. Since October, the Russians have been deliberately attacking critical infrastructure in Ukraine, depriving millions of residents of access to electricity and hot water. The Russians have been attacking Ukrainian positions in the Donbass for the past 24 hours. There, the Ukrainian army launched a counterattack against Russian positions. During the night, Russian missiles fell on civilians in Donetsk, but also Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

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