Knight takes revenge on AJ Styles, winning his first appearance at WrestleMania in Philadelphia

LA Knight pinned AJ Styles after a BFT to secure the victory on night two of WWE WresteMania 40. Knight arrived at WrestleMania in his custom car branded as “Slim Jim” and entered the “Yes!” chants, while Styles did a beehive line for the ring complete with new entrance music. The match itself saw the pair trading control throughout, with Styles looking to utilize his speed with quick moves and Knight utilizing a number of power moves to wear down his opponent.


It was Knight who took a notable knock during the match, however, as he sold off the damage to his leg after a stint locked in Styles' Calf Killer. He would fight by lifting the liner at ringside to reveal the tiles placed underneath, looking to throw Styles at it before being placed in the background himself. The match concluded with a back-and-forth final exchange attempt. Styles went for the 450, only for Knight to get his knees up. Styles went for a massive forearm that Knight evaded. Styles then avoided a BFT himself with a close roll, tried to wrestle Styles to no avail, and missed one final massive forearm to eat the winning BFT.

WrestleMania 40 was the first for LA Knight, who has now won his first match on “The Show of Shows.”


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