Kazakhstan. Russia is constantly re-establishing its forces. Five thousand people were arrested [ZDJCIA] | News from around the world

W Kazakhstan So-called branches Troops Stabilization activities of the post-Soviet Collective Security Agreement. Its core was made up of Russian commandos.

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The President of Kazakhstan resigned. Ruled for 30 years

More than 2,600 soldiers of the Joint Security Agreement in Kazakhstan

Soldiers of the Joint Security Agreement defend the strategic facilities in Kazakhstan. Office The President, by providing information in this regard, did not disclose what material it was. However, Riya Novosti said Russian troops were guarding government buildings and embassies. Of the Russian Federation And some airports, and Russian training has begun at the airport in Almaty Troops Aerial.

Allied troops sought help from the president Kasym-martomart Tokajew. According to Russian media, there are more than 2,600 soldiers in Kazakhstan. Russia and Belarus continue to transfer troops to Kazakhstan.

The wave of resistance in Europe. In the Netherlands, riots in the streets of many cities [ZDJĘCIA]

Protests have been going on in the streets of Kazakhstan for seven days. They exploded after raising fuel prices

It has been going on in Kazakhstan since January 2nd Protests. Protesters clashed in several cities, including Almaty, Noor-Sultan, Aktaw and Aktobe. Police. At that moment, the Kazakh leader declared a state of emergency across the country.

The people of Kazakhstan took to the streets after the government announced a pay rise Fuel prices. In addition, the protesters demanded the removal of former President Narsultan Nazarbayev and his people from power. Acting President He fired the government, fired his predecessor from the chairmanship of the Security Council and he accepted his duties. At the same time, he called on the member states of the Joint Security Agreement (ODKB) – Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia – To provide military assistance.

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Riots in KazakhstanKazakhstan. Presidential order: Shoot protesters without warning

5 thousand people were arrested, including foreigners. 134 are under special surveillance

Police have arrested 5,000 people in the last 7 days. Strategic materials, including airports, are controlled by Russia Players The post-Soviet Collective Security Agreement is supported by the member countries’ branches. Kazakh authorities did not specify the exact number of dead. Local media generally report on several dozen victims. Security forces detained 5,135 people, including foreigners, Kazakh Interior Minister Gerlan Durgumbayev said. Some of them he called terrorists, they were ready for acts of sabotage outside Boundaries Kazakhstan.

The President of Kazakhstan also called the protesting citizens terrorists. “Analysis of the situation shows that Kazakhstan is facing a well-organized and well-coordinated armed aggression by trained criminals and terrorist groups outside the country. I have ordered the launch of counter-terrorism operations to eliminate the threat to national security.

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Kazakh media have reported that 134 people are under special surveillance as 516 people are in police custody as criminal proceedings are instituted against them for committing particularly serious crimes. According to the employer M.S.W.Sixteen officers were killed and more than 1,300 were injured in the riots.

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