Kate Winslet funded Lee despite being patronized by male executives

Kate Winslet.
Photograph: Stefano Relandini/AFP via Getty Images

Leave it to the film industry to patronize the Oscar-winning veteran actress simply because she is a woman. Kate Winslet said Vogue magazine Male executives I tried it When she was trying to finance her next movie for mea biographical film that follows the life of Lee Miller, an inspiration for canonical artists such as Picasso and Man Ray, and a World War II photographer known for her scathing letters from Nazi concentration camps. for me It premiered at TIFF last week, and is currently screening at the festival. “Men who think you want and need their help are incredibly angry,” she explained. It’s a shock to anyone, but to treat Kate Winslet this way? “I had one director say to me, ‘Listen, you do my movie and I’ll get a few of yours.'” for me Financed…’ little! I continued. “Or we might have potential male investors say things like, ‘Tell me, why am I supposed to like this woman?’” How unprofessional. In addition to starring, Winslet produced her eight-year passion project, giving her a real say in financing, scripts and casting for the first time. She faced her own finances when money became unstable and personally covered paychecks for two weeks during pre-production to keep the film on track. Winslet can have it all, but not without some processes that make the process very annoying.

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