Kate Middleton looks perfect in striped outfits as she and Prince William pose with the kids as they arrive in Cardiff to meet Windrush seniors

The Princess of Wales looked chic in a pinstripe suit as she stepped out in Cardiff today to mark the 75th anniversary of the Windrush Generation’s arrival in the UK.

The Princess of Wales wore a navy double-breasted striped jacket with gold buttons as she arrived at Grangetown

ROYAL HANDSHAKE: The Princess of Wales smiled as she ditched the traditional handshake and greeted a young royal admirer in a different way

Prince William also received some schoolchildren who lined up to meet him with fist bumps

Schoolchildren lined up to fistbump the heir to the throne as he arrived at the Grange Pavilion in Cardiff

The Prince of Wales appears to have made a joke during a photo call between the royal family and members of the Windrush Cymru Elders community group

Kate laughed as she looked at her husband who looked like he had left the crowd in stitches

The Prince of Wales has given a warm hug to a member of a Windrush community group

When the Prince and Princess of Wales met members of the group, they heard their fascinating stories and learned how the arrival of the Windrush generation helped shape the future of the United Kingdom.

Princess Kate spoke to a member of the Windrush Cymru Elders community group inside the Grange Pavilion

The Prince and Princess of Wales met with Windrush community elders and members of the Youth Council for Young People of Color in Wales

Princess Kate couldn’t contain her laughter as she spoke to young royal fans outside the Grange Suite

A young patriotic Welsh schoolboy raised a flag containing a Welsh dragon while the Prince and Princess of Wales stood in front of them

Princess Kate gave her husband an affectionate look as they spoke to people outside the Grange Pavilion

Princess Kate looked lively as she chatted with people as she walked around upon her arrival in Grange Town

The Princess of Wales pushed her hair back behind her ears as she leaned over to speak to some pupils

Kate looked lovingly at her husband as they arrived at the Grange Pavilion

The Princess of Wales smiled and laughed as she spoke to people outside the Grangetown Pavilion

Kate, 41, appears to have chosen a Holland Cooper suit underneath her striped blazer and wide-leg trousers.

William seemed to point at one of the disciples as they chatted outside the Grange Pavilion

William leaned over and made conversation with some children in the Pavilion in Cardiff

The Princess of Wales stopped and struck up a conversation with some schoolchildren as they stood to greet her

One young royal fan left the Princess of Wales in fits of laughter as they chatted with her upon her arrival

The mother-of-three chose to wear her thick brunette locks in loose curls that cascaded down her shoulders.

Kate chose to wear her brunette locks in loose curls that fell over her shoulders as she arrived and spoke to the children.

Eventually, the Prince of Wales extended his hand for a handshake after a few fist bumps

Prince William looked so impressed by the little schoolboy’s headband that he couldn’t resist giving her a punch

Princess Kate offered another fist bump to a young schoolboy lined up in the front row to meet the royals

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ joint engagement at Grange Town in Cardiff marks the 75th anniversary of the arrival of HMP Empire Windrush in the UK

A royal fan received a shout-out from the Princess of Wales as she found another new way to greet children

Prince William shook hands with a young schoolboy who looked cute in his red school jacket and white polo shirt

Kate struck up a conversation with some schoolchildren who had lined up to meet her outside the Grange Pavilion

Princess Kate ditched the fist bumps after a while and shook hands with some young royal admirers

Schoolchildren were waving Welsh flags, as well as those of other countries around the world including India, ready and waiting to greet the royals.

Princess Kate sat down for a chat with young schoolchildren who had gathered to meet her at the Grange Pavilion

Kate, a mother of three, looked deep into a conversation with the schoolchildren, who were wrapped in their coats and uniforms.

The Prince and Princes of Wales were welcomed by young royal fans as they arrived in Grangetown, Cardiff

While Kate looked elegant in a pantsuit, the Prince of Wales was elegant in a dark jacket, navy blue trousers and brown suede shoes.

The Princess of Wales looked elegant in the elegant tailored outfit as she arrived and exited the car

Upon their arrival, both Prince William and Princess Kate were welcomed outside the Grange Pavilion, where they were due to meet Windrush seniors.

As she got out of the car, the Princess of Wales smiled and waved to someone to greet them

Kate wore a silver watch and accessorized with a white bodysuit

Princess Kate re-wore a £549 Holland Cooper jacket as well as navy blue striped wide-leg trousers.

Kate, 41, wore the wide-leg suit with navy blue shoes and opted for her brunette locks in loose, curly hair.

The late princess wore a modern watch on her wrist and kept her makeup simple and natural to celebrate the occasion.

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