Kanye West is missing, says former business manager

Forget about Waldo… Where’s Kanye? At least, that’s what Yi’s former business manager is asking.


It appears he has been in hiding since businessman Thomas St John tried to provide him with legal documents.

According to reports, St. John said at a court hearing that he has been unable to find the producer-turned-rapper-turned-fashion designer for weeks, suing him for breach of contract.

St. John claims Kanye West agreed to pay him a monthly power of attorney, but since the two had an “aggressive” meeting, West stopped paying him.

Prior to the aforementioned meeting, the two enjoyed a good working relationship, with the “Jesus Walks” rapper asking him to be the CFO of Donda, one of his companies.

With this new position, St. John’s was to be paid a “monthly retainer fee” of US$300,000.

“[St. John] Need to ensure that [West] You will not suddenly abandon the business relationship, in addition to the financial costs and risks associated with commitment [West] as a customer. But Mr. St. John offered to settle a contract that would last at least 18 months,” the suit reads.

However, with Kanye’s recent financial troubles…is anyone shocked?

AllHipHop.com reported that he has to pay his ex-wife after finalizing their divorce, and is having problems financing his Malibu property renovation.

The Chicago native’s financial troubles came just months after he cut ties with Gap and Adidas. It went from $6.6 billion to maybe $400 million.

The retraction centered around controversial anti-black, anti-Semitic comments and other anomalous behavior.

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Ye’s manager’s inability to find him is similar to the problems his former lawyers faced.

Greenberg Traurij tries it Withdraw As ye advice, but they were struggling with locating kanye west and wanted to serve him with notification via text message.

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