Kaliningrad governor proposes a corridor through Lithuania

Much of the goods are transported by rail through the Kaliningrad region, bordering EU countries, via Lithuania, with part of freight traffic from mainland Russia cut off on June 17 under sanctions imposed by Brussels.

The Russians are threatening to retaliate against the Lithuanians, although officials in Vilnius explain that they are not introducing unilateral or additional restrictions, but “continue to apply the EU’s sanctions”.

Anton Alikhanov, the governor of the Kaliningrad region, proposed on Thursday that a “green corridor through Lithuania” be created as a condition for Moscow not to take retaliatory measures. “This is one of the negotiating positions that we have to maintain,” he added.

Germany is urging Lithuania to step down

In late June, Reuters reported, citing two sources familiar with the case. European officials are negotiating with LithuaniaTo ease tensions with Russia over Kaliningrad.

According to Reuters, Brussels – with the support of Germany – is negotiating to exclude Kaliningrad from the sanctions regime, paving the way for a deal that could be signed in early July if Lithuania withdraws its reservations.

Kaliningrad was cut off. Will Russia Try Force Variation?

Reuters notes that unless the traditional route for Russian goods to Kaliningrad is re-established, first through allies Belarus and then Lithuania, Moscow could use military force against Lithuania to breach its border with Kaliningrad by land. Along with mainland Russia.

In 1946, Kr√≥lewiec was renamed Kaliningrad in honor of Bolshevik and Soviet apparatchik Mikhail Kalin. Kat’s massacre.

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