Kadyrovsky killed three Russian soldiers who refused to take part in the battle

The Chechen soldiers of the Russian National Guard, so-called Khadrovtsy, brutally killed three Russian soldiers who refused to take part in the fighting in Ukraine, officials in the Zaporizhia region said.

“According to the Ukrainian intelligence service on Monday The Russian soldiers started the uprising Zaporizhia Oblast Polohovsk region (district – PAP). Kadyrovsky has dealt with three of the leaders of these operations, who have laid down their arms and are ready to return home, “said Ivan Arefgieu, a spokesman for the Zaforoshie regional administration, in a statement.

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, there have been numerous reports of crimes committed by Kadyrovs against civilians. Like the besieged Mariupol in the Kiev region and in southeastern Ukraine.

According to Serhiy Haydai, head of the Luhansk region The Chechens are also used as soldiers by the so-called preventive forcesPreventing the forced evacuation of people from the Russian army (including those living in the occupied territories of Ukraine).

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In Ukraine On the Russian side, 10 to 20 thousand fighters are Wagner’s mercenaries or fighters from Syria or Libya. – AFP quoted one European official as saying.

According to a source close to the agency, “relocations from Syria and Libya to Donbass in eastern Ukraine have been observed, where Russian forces have launched a new offensive.” The mercenaries had “no vehicles or heavy weapons” and it was difficult to say exactly how many of them were from the Middle East and how many were recruited into the Wagner group.

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Wagner Group is a private military company affiliated with the Kremlin businessman Yevgeny Prikogin. Since mid-December 2021, Wagnerists have been subject to EU sanctions for torture, execution and murder. In Libya, Syria and the Donbass.

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