Kadyrov’s victory in Ukraine is certain. He told me where to go next

It was posted on social media Recording with the participation of Ramzan KadyrovIn it the Chechen leader speaks, threatening Ukrainians and European leaders. Finally, he offers where his forces want to go “after the end of operations in Ukraine.”

Kadyrov: Let’s go to countries that insult the Koran

– Rubbish – I mean the leaders of the West. Most European countries are ruled by scoundrels who have no human feelings. Today I am 100% sure, we will win, finish in Ukraine, and Then we will go to the countries that offended and insulted the Holy Quran. Even if there are no believers there, they should know that they are here,” he said in a video posted by Anton Herashchenko on social media.

Kadyrov also expressed his displeasure with the Koran burning incidents in some countries in recent weeks and rhetorically asked where the leaders of Muslim countries were and why they allowed such an act.

“Today Only Russia opposes the aggressive atheistic colonial policies of the West and Europe“showed its true nature in Ukraine,” Belchat also quotes Kadyrov’s propaganda-filled words about Moscow’s struggle against “Western hegemony.”

Koran burning incidents have increased in Sweden and Denmark in recent weeks. Among other things, in reaction to these events Sweden raised its terror threat level from three to four, saying it represents “high risk”. to the public Muslim holy book burning in Stockholm It happened at the end of June. Since then, the Scandinavian country has become more dangerous.

Ramzan Kadyrov’s threats also extended to Poland

In June, he was quoted by a Chechen news agency “Ahmed’s special forces were a large force capable of conquering Poland, France and reaching Germany.” He said that if the leaders do not change their tactics, the situation is expected to continue in the future.

“Events”: Punished for staying overnight. The men camped at Morski Ogo//Bolsad news//Bolsad news

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