Justin Wong is commentating his grand finale match for Capcom vs. SNK 2 at the Texas Showdown Championship

Most of the commentators here in the fighting game community are of course power players in their own right, but they are not usually required to do both at the same time in events.

Legendary player Justin Wong took double duty at Texas Showdown 2023 this weekend commentating on his best 8 matches at Capcom vs. SNK 2 including his grand finale.

Despite the stacked arc, JWong would commentate all of his first 4 CvS2 matches from the stage while Mr. J remained on the counter to hold the fort.

Against the Texas Showdown CvS2 champ from 2022, umthrfkr, is able to take the set 2-0 before being dispatched by Japan’s Coates | Bas to the category of losers.

Justin would defeat Silentscope in Losers’ Final to get another shot at Bas on stage while remaining on his mic, which is definitely impressive for him to face against world class opponents.

Wong is clearly not talkative when in the player’s seat, but he still comments on the match and provides insights into his own strategies as well as what his opponents are trying to do.

Justin got a lot of experience playing and talking at the same time from his broadcasts although this is a bit like a different beast when you’re on stage at a tournament and trying to have a conversation with your commentary partner.

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Although he had great success breaking the classic Sagat, Vega, and Chun-Li, JWong would fall in the grand finals to Bas once again, which didn’t seem so ripped.

The top 8 CvS2 players at this year’s Texas Showdown event is a blast with more players taking part such as Combo Fiend, RonOasis, Ericturbo and Sonic_O, so go check it out. HXCGaming’s Twitch Archive If you miss live.

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