Justin Trudeau in Kiev: Putin is a weakling who orders the assassination of his enemies

– What happened to Alexei Navalny proves that Putin, despite claiming to be strong, is actually a coward, Trudeau said in response to reporters' questions about Navalny's death in a penal colony on February 16.

Canadian media quoted Trudeau as saying that – executing his political opponents, using the police and military to repress opponents, suppressing dissent – these are the characteristics of a weakling who does not believe in his own position.

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– We know how many times we have seen the extent to which the opposition in Russia has been marginalized or simply disbanded, he added.

Earlier on Saturday, Canadian Prime Minister and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed an agreement on cooperation in security matters in Kyiv. Canada's ten-year agreement with Ukraine is similar to agreements Ukraine already has with Denmark, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy.

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