Journalists “hijack” the US president's plane. “raise your hand”

They disappeared, among other things: stamped pillowcases, mirrors and plates in gold frames. The White House Correspondents' Association recalled that taking items off the plane is prohibited, and that such behavior has negative consequences for the reputation of the entire press corps that accompanies the president on his trips.

The practice of carrying items such as cutlery and towels bearing the Air Force One logo has been around for years. Journalists are entitled to small packages of M&Ms chocolates with the President's seal as souvenirs.

Air Force One, often referred to as the “Office of the President in the Sky,” offers 372 square meters of space on three levels. It is equipped with luxurious amenities like a spacious presidential suite, medical room with operating table, conference room and dining room, two kitchens that can feed 100 people at a time, press, VIP, security and staff reserved areas. .

The aircraft is classified as a military aircraft, thanks to its advanced avionics and defense systems, which enable it to survive air strikes. In addition, it is capable of refueling in the air, which allows it to fly for an unlimited period of time – which is important in emergency situations. The plane has 85 telephones, two-way radios and computer connections, allowing the plane to act as a mobile command center.

The President sits in the front of the plane and the journalists sit in the back of the plane.

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