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Searchlight Pictures has dropped “Magazine Dreams” starring Jonathan Majors and returned the rights to the film to the filmmakers, who intend to shop it back on the open market, IndieWire has confirmed.

Searchlight acquired the film from last year's Sundance Film Festival and scheduled to release it during awards season, but pulled it from the release calendar after Majors was arrested on March 25 on assault and harassment charges about a month after acquiring Magazine Dreams.

Majors was convicted last month of assault, prompting Disney to fire him from his duties as Kang in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the time, THR reported that “Magazine Dreams” was unlikely to be released by Searchlight, even directly via streaming on Hulu. But instead of sitting on the shelf, the film has a chance to see the light of day elsewhere if the filmmakers find an interested buyer.

Madeline Voyles as Alfie in 20th Century Studios

The scout had no comment.

Majors is scheduled to be sentenced on February 6, with the “Creed III” actor facing up to a year in prison.

Majors told ABC News in a recent interview that he was “absolutely shocked” by the guilty verdict while maintaining his innocence, saying there was “no question” that he did not cause the injury to his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

Majors was arrested March 25 on charges of assault, strangulation and harassment. The trial was postponed until November. Jabbari, 33, was taken to hospital in March after suffering “minor injuries to her head and neck.”

“Magazine Dreams” is directed and written by Elijah Bynum and stars Majors as a socially awkward and isolated amateur bodybuilder who dreams of stardom in professional weightlifting competitions. The film has drawn comparisons to “Taxi Driver” for its sober character study and violent turns. Upon his exit from the festival in January 2023, Majors' performance was pegged as a potential Oscar contender. The film's producers are Jennifer Fox, Dan Gilroy, Jeffrey Soros, and Simon Horsman.

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Majors was also recently dropped from the movie “48 Hours in Vegas,” in which he was set to play Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman. The project, which was originally supposed to be produced by Lionsgate, is also looking for a new home and star.

THR News of Searchlight dropping the film was first reported.

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