Jon Bon Jovi says he “got away with murder” during Rockstar's early days

Jon Bon Jovi

He “got away with murder” during the early Rockstar days

…He had 100 girls in his life!!!

Jon Bon Jovi He admits he gave love a bad name during his early days on the music scene… sheds light on his past as a hard-living rock star.

Bon Jovi's front man opened up to Michael Strahan For a new profile, he asserts that he was no saint when his rock band first achieved success in the 1980s – despite being in a committed relationship with his high school sweetheart-turned-wife Dorothea.

He added… “I got away with murder. I'm a rock 'n' roll star, not a saint. You know, I'm not saying there haven't been 100 girls in my life. I'm Jon Bon Jovi was pretty good.”

John didn't go into further detail about what exactly that meant, but he made it clear that he never let it jeopardize the good he had with his longtime love – whom he married in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas in 1989.

Despite all the fame and groupies, he says he won't let it jeopardize his relationship with Dorothea… declaring it's not worth it.

The singer shared… “There's no doubt in my mind that this world revolves because of her. Because of what she does to keep the kids healthy, what she does to keep me sane, and what we do together to keep me sane.” No doubt about it.”

John and Dorothea, who have four children together, have just celebrated their special wedding anniversary. The secret of its success??? The singer said he and his wife have been able to grow together over the years.

Here's hoping it's John and Dorothea's son Jake Bongiovi He's taking notes…as he's about to marry the Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.

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