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During the last presidential campaign, Kamala Harris mentioned when Joe Biden Then the election will be won Marijuana It is decriminalized at the federal level throughout the United States. Alone Biden He announced the expungement of criminal records for past marijuana-related crimes. On Thursday he fulfilled his election promise.

Joe Biden Pardons Marijuana Convicts

“I will pardon all previous federal crimes related to the possession of ordinary marijuana. There are thousands of such people, so it is difficult to find work, housing or education. My pardon will remove this burden” – he said. President of the United States.

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Joe Biden called on governors to issue amnesties to those who committed the same crime under state law. “Just as no one should be in federal prison solely for possession of marijuana, no one should be in local or state prison for that reason,” he wrote.

At the same time, the US president announced that his administration would investigate whether marijuana, a drug similar to heroin and LSD, should still be classified as a drug. Joe Biden noted that because of changes in federal and state laws, the United States still needs stricter restrictions on the trade, marketing and sale of marijuana to minors.

“Sending people to prison for possession of marijuana has destroyed many lives. Today we begin to right these wrongs,” declared the President of the United States.

Marijuana in the United States. Approved for use in 19 states

In the United States, marijuana policy varies from state to state. Until now, individual states decided on the approval of this substance for legal use. In 2022, the state of Rhode Island decided to criminalize the possession and smoking of marijuana.

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Thus, this northeastern state has become the 19th US state to legalize adult marijuana. At the same time, marketing of medical marijuana is allowed in 38 US states.

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