Jimmy Garoppolo could have walked out without having to “ruffle a feather”

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49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo She recently revealed an amazing failure to realize it Football is business, fam By explaining that he didn’t ask for his release because he doesn’t like feathering.

Don’t like ruffle feathers? The team upset their feathers by investing in three first-round picks and a third-round pick in the takeover of Garoppolo’s replacement.

However, there is a way that Garoppolo can come out without having to move the feathers. If the outgoing years of his contract have included an early catalyst to make a big push or give a big guarantee, the 49ers will have to make a decision in mid-March, not the end of August.

It’s a reminder to players and agents that there is always a point in looking for such protection. Maybe Don Yi tried. Or perhaps both parties assumed as of 2018 that Garoppolo would be the long-term solution in San Francisco, and that he would have a new contract before 2022.

Regardless, it’s a detail to always remember when negotiating long-term contracts. Once the contract turns into the team selection phase from year to year, with no money guaranteed, it is important to remove the ability to do what the 49ers did to Garoppolo – squat on him and wait until he has no alternative to taking what the 49ers were willing to pay from in order to keep it in place as a replacement for Tree Lance.

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