Jerzy Skolimowski’s “IO” with high Oscar chances. The film was shortlisted News from around the world

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the Oscar nominations in ten categories. In the Best International Film category, there was one film among 15 nominees Polish “IO” was created by Jerzy Skolimowski. The 95th Academy Awards will be held on March 12, 2023.

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Jerzy Skolimowski’s “IO” is a Polish Oscar nominee [ZWIASTUN]

Oscars 2023. International Film – Shortlist of Nominees

A total of 15 films have been shortlisted for the Oscars.

  • Argentina, “Argentina, 1985”,
  • Austria, “In a Corset”,
  • Belgium, “Close”,
  • Cambodia, “Return to Seoul”
  • Denmark, “Holy Spider”,
  • France, Saint Omer,
  • Germany, “No change in the West”
  • India, “The Last Show”
  • Ireland, “Quiet Lady”,
  • Mexico, “Bardo. A False Chronicle of a Handful of Facts”,
  • Morocco, “Turquoise Dress”,
  • Pakistan, “Joyland”,
  • Poland, “IO”,
  • South Korea, “suspicious”,
  • Sweden, “Boy from Heaven”.

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Jerzy Skolimowski’s “IO” – What’s It About?

“IO” is an animal rights-focused film that tells the story of the titular Io – a donkey introduced under new regulations. Wroclaw He was taken from the circus to the horse farm. Thus begins his wretched wanderings.

Skolimovsky’s new film bears similarities to Robert Bresson’s 1966 film “Balthazar.” The Polish director has mentioned several times that the film touched his heart. – I rarely get emotional in cinema. It was a difficult thing for me because I knew it was staged, directed. But when you see an animal suffering on screen, you have to believe it.Election“In 2018.

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