Jerry Seinfeld's new Netflix show looks great except for one thing

Jerry Seinfeld has a joke in his stand-up routine where he asks “What's up with the Pop Tarts?”

It's part of a Jerry Seinfeld movie, and it's very funny because a good comedian knows how to spot these weird cultural things and make the most of them. In this case, Pop Tart – a breakfast I never found satisfying, but something that β€œcan never go bad because it was never fresh.”

There is an absurdity to Pop Tart. Grain bowl is tastier and easy to prepare. There is much more variety when it comes to breakfast cereals than Pop Tarts. But for whatever reason, Pop Tart was a hit, and that's what the new Seinfeld show on Netflix is Not frozen Explores.

Before we go any further, here's the stand-in that Seinfeld basically based this entire show on:

Seinfeld is not only a star Not frozen But the creator and director has gathered around him a group of amazing stars including Melissa McCarthy, Bill Burr, James Marsden, Dan Levy, Hugh Grant, Jim Gaffigan, Christian Slater, Jack McBrayer, Sarah Cooper, Adrian Martinez and many more. Much more. The only “thing” I'm worried about is Amy Schumer, who I still find completely baffling. Schumer doesn't seem particularly funny to me. She was a pest in the second season of Murders only in the building. She's not a very good comedienne. She's one of those celebrities who somehow succeeds despite being really bad at the thing she's supposed to be famous for. Either that or I don't click with her special brand of humor.

Still, Not frozen It looks like a fun '60s comedy about the intersection of breakfast and capitalism, and how an undeniably bland, mediocre food item became a massive hit β€” like most of the major pop artists out there. The Pop Tart seems pretty convenient when you think about it.

Here's the trailer:

Not frozen It pops up on Netflix on May 3.

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