Jerry Seinfeld once joked about Pop-Tarts. Now he's made a movie about the beloved breakfast food

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Jerry Seinfeld performs at the 2023 “A Very Good Night of Comedy” Showcase in New York City.


In 2012, Jerry Seinfeld Featured in The New York Times video Where he was seen breaking down how he wrote the famous “Pop Tart Joke”.

While he referred to the snack (in true Seinfeld style) as “something that means absolutely nothing” in the Times video, it turns out Pop-Tarts mean a lot more to the legendary comedian, because more than a decade later, he's now directing and starring in “Unfrosted: The Story of a Pop-Tart” An upcoming film from Netflix explains the genesis of how the sugar-coated breakfast item came to be.

The film has been described as a 1960s-set story of ambition, betrayal, drunkenness and menacing milkmen. Tractor – Released on Thursday – Featuring the full cast, including Melissa McCarthy, Hugh GrantAmy Schumer and comedian Bill Burr, who is seen playing President John F. Kennedy.

The clip shows McCarthy and Seinfeld teaming up to create an alternative to cereal that would ensure “a happy childhood for millions of American children,” with clips of Grant dressed as Frosted Flakes mascot Tony the Tiger, an angry Schumer going after her rivals and shots of cereal factories. They look like scenes from the movie “Willy Wonka”.

According to an official synopsis, the film follows rival cereal companies Kellogg's and Post as they “race to create pastries that will change the face of breakfast.”

There really couldn't be a better person to lead the charge in telling the breakfast-related Pop-Tart story than Seinfeld, who was often seen eating a bowl of cereal during his run on “Seinfeld,” and even joked about the foil-covered wrapping paper. Snack on his 2020 Netflix special “23 hours to kill.”

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It's clear that Pop-Tart remains relevant over time. As Seinfeld said at the end of a 2012 Pop-Tart joke: “It can't get old, because it's never been fresh.”

“Unfrosted” will be available to stream on Netflix on May 3.

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