Jeremy Renner updates recovery efforts in two hilarious Instagram messages — Deadline

Jeremy Renner is getting stronger every day, as captured in the two Instagram videos he shared today.

The 52-year-old star of “Mayor of Kingstown,” “The Avengers,” and “Hawkeye” continues training as he returns from an accident on January 1 that saw 14,000 pounds of snow fall on him, fracturing more than 30 bones. .

“Update: I’ve decided to take the pain out of progression (that damn broken leg) and take the new parts for a little test drive,” Renner said in the post’s caption.

“The body is a miracle….even though I feel like a Tin Man, I need oil for all my new joints (hips, knees, ankles, calves, etc.),” Renner added. “He was encouraged after that warm-up to press (Don’t Tell My PT). 😂.”

Renner’s clip showed him using a roller attached to a machine to exercise his leg muscles. He would jump sideways into a squat, then do a few sets of pullups with the pulley. He also ran and did some stretches before the video ended.

In a separate post, he was shown using a treadmill before cutting himself walking smoothly as he tried to return to normal motion.

The videos sparked cheers in the comments, including a message from Ryan Reynolds, who wrote, “THIS IS THE STUFF!!! ❤️❤️❤️.”

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