Jeremy Piven Says Mark Wahlberg Is Missing Piece For ‘Entourage’ Reboot


Jeremy Piven on Mark Wahlberg

Missing piece to ‘Entourage’ reboot

Jeremy Piven He says Mark Wahlberg It is the key to the return of “Entourage”.

We caught up with the OG star of Monday’s hit HBO series The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker and asked him what Mark could do for a potential reboot.

Mark recently got on the record to support an “Entourage” comeback, but hasn’t committed to starring in a potential series…and Jeremy tells us that Mark is key to getting the idea off the ground.

The way Jeremy sees it… All Mark needs to get “Entourage” back in is to carve time out of his notoriously busy schedule and get on the phone with HBO.

Mark was a co-executive producer on The OG Show, and Jeremy says it’s just a matter of Mark stepping to the plate and giving fans what they want.

While Jeremy doesn’t know if Mark will one day sign on for a recurring role on “Entourage”…he tells us what he thinks might bring Mark into the fold this time around.

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