Jeff Bezos puts the finishing touches on his California mansion

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He may be moving to the Sunshine State, but Amazon giant Jeff Bezos still has a prominent presence on the West Coast.

Daily Mail reports Bezos, the third richest man on Earth with a net worth of about $194 billion, has added some glamorous finishing touches to his massive mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

It includes basketball and tennis courts, as well as tropical-themed swimming pools.

Work on the home, which Bezos bought from media mogul David Geffen in February 2020 for $165 million, a record at the time, has spanned the past four years. However, in early 2023, work was briefly halted after applications for a new 'playground fence' were rejected on technical grounds of incompleteness. It all started the next month, the outlet notes.

A close-up of the Beverly Hills area, where construction is clearly underway. the background
The work includes new tennis courts. the background
Bezos will also own a glamorous coral reef-style pool. the background

Aerial photos show immaculate tennis courts surrounded by perfectly manicured hedges. Meanwhile, the pool appears to be decorated with turtle-themed tiles and other coral-themed elements. The pool and spa are accessed via a beautiful stone path.

The photos also show an overall work in progress, but it will definitely produce a great result. Construction scaffolding surrounds one of the pools, while the grounds are currently largely dirt – with land surrounding the other, and a larger pool separated from the main house by rows of trees.

This 30,000 square foot complex is located on 10 acres. There is a three-storey main house, gym, guest house, pergola and security guard house.

It's a far cry from Bezos's very humble beginnings in Washington. The Seattle-area home he rented for $890 a month in the 1990s — and where he launched in the former garage — just went under contract this week to sell to a new owner. It was listed last month for $2.29 million. The final selling price is not yet known.

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Construction barriers can be seen on the parcel. the background
There is also a larger swimming pool on the property located behind the trees. the background
Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. Getty Images This is about humanity

These days, Bezos has a real estate portfolio worth about $570 million.

While this house resumes its work, Bezos and his fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, are moving to Florida, where Bezos announced that he would move last fall to be closer to his parents. Blue Origin, his space exploration company, is also increasingly moving to Cape Canaveral.

In Florida, his holdings now include homes worth about $147 million on exclusive Indian Creek Island. He is said to be looking for more properties in the state.

His other homes are spread across the country, from Hawaii to New York City.

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