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When 2022 began, we received the heartbreaking news that was one of our favorites Celebrity couples were breaking up. Once again, we thought love died when Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet She announced their divorce via social media. But in a shocking turn of events, it seems, the two may be reconciled!

In early January, Momoa posted a statement on his Instagram saying that they still love each other, bThey were parting. He said, “.The love between us continues, evolving in the ways it desires to know and live. We liberate each other – to be what we learn to become…” But now this post has been deleted, and people are wondering why.

A close source said exclusively Hollywood Live That the couple have decided to work things out – and it looks like they’re actually living together again! “Jason came back to live with Lisa about two weeks ago and got back together a lot. They decided to work on things instead of throwing in the towel because they invested so much in each other.”

Come back at once, while we weep at how happy this news is! This isn’t a workout for everyone: it’s our favorite workout celebrity couples They come back together.

Momoa and Bonet got together again in 2005, and the knot was not officially tied until 2017. The two share two beautiful children together: Lola, 14, and Nakoa Wolff, 13. Momoa is also the stepfather to Kravitz’s star daughter Zoe, 33.

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