Japan. Byakuya is the most expensive dessert in the world. Cellato product price PLN 6.5 thousand. Dollars

According to guinnessworldrecords.com, if you want to taste the world’s most expensive ice cream, you better reach deep into your pocket. The Japanese company Cellato decided to create a dessert from very rare materials, which means that its price exceeds PLN 6.5 thousand. dollars (approximately PLN 27,000).

Cellato is a Japanese manufacturer of ice cream was created Byakuya is sweet (“White Night”), which is made of hard-to-reach materials. This is more than its price tag of 873,000. Japanese yen, which is approx 6.7 thousand dollars.

The high price is due to the materials, which are characterized by rarity White Tamarind Grown in Alba, Italy. Its price is over 16 thousand dollars per kg.

Edible gold leaf in ice cream is derived from sake-making, two types of cheese (including Parmigiano Reggiano) and “sakekasu”, a paste-like ingredient.

Product development

He is the creator of a product that combines Japanese traditions and European flavors Tadayoshi YamadaHead of a restaurant in Osaka known for its innovative fusion cuisine.

The company said Sweet development took 1.5 years And it paid off through many trials, thanks to which the perfect taste was obtained.

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“I won the title Guinness World Records Worth the effort.”

You can order ice cream from the manufacturer’s website. There is also a special instruction on how to consume the dessert.

Cellato follows and works the punch Next lines of ice cream With exclusive products like Champagne and caviar.


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