Jamie Lee Curtis Fits Lindsay Lohan, celebrities with questions about the script

  • When a star texts Jamie Lee Curtis, she asks something he only knows to make sure it’s really him.
  • “If they answer, I know it’s them. And if they don’t, I know it’s a hunting trip,” she told Rolling Stone.
  • Curtis revealed the question Lindsay Lohan will ask her in ‘Horrible Friday’.

Jamie Lee Curtis has discovered a foolproof way to make sure when a famous friend texts her it’s really theirs.

“I just got a text from this guy all of a sudden, I’m very protective,” Curtis Rolling Stone In a recent interview.

“Hey, Jimmy, this is such and such.” I understand that there is a lot of nonsense in the world, a lot of falsification, and people pretending to be human.” “So, I have secret questions. I go to my secret question right away so if they answer, I know it’s questions. And if they don’t, I know it’s a hunting trip.”

Curtis used Lindsay Lohan “Freaky Friday” as an example.

“If I tell you this, I will have to invent something else for her,” Curtis said. But my question, even today, for Lindsay is, ‘What song were we trying to learn from rap in the car when we were Car scene shooting? ‘This will be Justin Timberlake’s song’Like I love you“.”

Lindsay Lohan holding an arm around Jamie Lee Curtis

(LR) Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan.

Carlo Allergi/Getty Images

“There’s a rap in the middle of it by Clipse,” she continued, “and the two of us were sitting in the car starting and stopping the tape player—that’s the time—learning, ‘What, what do you want to do? I’m in front of you/Get a friend, see I can have fun with two.'” “

Curtis also said that if she reached out to actor Daniel Craig on Knives Out, she’d have a question for him, too.

“If Daniel texts me for some reason, I’ll say, ‘What’s the last gift you gave me?’ But I won’t tell you what it is, because then I’ll have to change that with him. It’s something only he knows.”

Curtis, 63, who wowed audiences earlier this year with her performance opposite Michelle Yeoh in “Everything Everywhere Every Time,” will next appear in “Halloween Ends” on October 14. Villain Michael Myers.

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