Jaguars cut rookie kicker after 1 of 3 field goals missed by ex-Cowboys coach’s injury

Uncut free kicker Andrew Mavis didn’t have a great start to his NFL career.

Four days into his first training camp, Mavis was cut short by the Jacksonville Jaguars after missing three field goals during the team’s warm-up on Thursday, the Guardian reported. Michael DeRocco from ESPN. One of those field goals reportedly missed his mark so badly that he hit former Dallas Cowboys coach Dave Campo in the shoulder, and the other two weren’t even close to the goalposts.

Campo, 75, was an assistant coach and defensive back coach for the Jaguars from 2005-2007 and is currently a consultant for the USC Trojans and a local radio personality. Cowboys trained from 2000-2002.

Mavis was out of Iowa without leaving Iowa and spent his first three seasons kicking at Fordham before playing in the Hurricanes. He hit 40-61 field goals in college, including 20-23 in 2021, and scored two more points in 2022 Senior Ball.

Now, if Urban Mayer was still a head coach, he might have done more than just cut Mevis off. The Former Jaguar coach reportedly kicked Josh Lambeau Outside last season before cutting the veteran ball after Lambo missed several attempts during training camp.

Fortunately for Mavis, all he got was a pink slip and some embarrassment from hitting a passerby. This looks like Josh Allen comments “The Professional Locker Room” Regarding Jaguar’s new system under trainer Doug Pederson is correct, after all.

Jaguar has signed veteran kicker Elliot Frey to compete with Ryan Santoso for the starting kicker assignment.

Andrew Mavis didn’t have a happy day on Thursday. (Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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