Ivory Aquino asks CEO David Zaslav to release Batgirl

Ivory Aquino

Ivory Aquino
picture: Cindy Ord (Getty Images)

Following the news hosted by Warner Bros. Funeral Offers to bat girl The movie that was left out in advance this month Despite being 90% complete, Ivory Aquino spoke on the shelves of the HBO Max project. to treat Tweet series To the new CEO David Zaslavthe actor talks about the emotional past few weeks in front of the cast and crew of the DC Project.

She writes, “I found myself unable to talk about this ordeal with anyone.” “I realized that no one, except for those involved in the film, would really understand how we feel. And I feel that talking about it with my colleagues might be akin to rubbing salt on a wound that is still open.”

The merger of Warner Bros. Discovery has led to drastic changes within the company, including several other canceled projects on HBO Max and current original shows and movies. is withdrawn from the platform. Great hairstyles for workers also Event.

“I can only try to understand what it feels like to be given minimal care like you do,” Aquino told Zaslav. “I can’t even imagine what a person in your position goes through with such a great responsibility to attend. I know and ask something like bat girl Such is the product of our hearts and souls, that little cogs are not seen as mere instruments whose fate is determined by a formula to benefit the bottom line. More than just tools, we are human beings and artists who, given the opportunity, can outpace the equation and multiply the bottom line exponentially.”

bat girl He was reportedly left out because it was cheaper to take a tax cut on the project than to complete post-production and give it a marketing budget. Aquino continues to stress that the recent news cycle has increased the film’s visibility without a flashy campaign, imploring Zaslav to reconsider his decision. on condition bat girl Set to feature Michael Keaton’s Return as Batman, it’s hard to imagine he needed a huge promotional boost in the first place.

If Batgirl ever comes out, it also co-stars Leslie Grace, J.K. Simmons and Brendan Fraser. Read Aquino’s full statement on Twitter.

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