“It’s going to cut my fingers, it’s the whole hand.” Ukrainians have released a shocking video

Ukraine’s security service reports that Russia has violated Geneva traditions and other legal provisions regarding the treatment of prisoners of war, the SBU said on Facebook on Friday. A recording of a proud conversation by a Russian soldier about the torture of Ukrainian soldiers has been released.

They brought prisoners to us, and I mistreated them. It’s going to cut their fingers, it’s their whole hand. (…) My colleagues ask: Salawat, why are you so savage?“- says the Russian in a post posted on SBU’s Facebook profile.

“We already know where the SBU is coming from. It was 27-year-old Salavat Sarsionov from Astrakhan who came to Ukraine as a contract soldier and tried unsuccessfully to break up Zaporizhia Oblast (with his unit-editor),” a SBU spokesman said. Artem Dechtiarenko.

A representative of the Ukrainian Service announced that all cases of similar acts of Russian soldiers will be documented as a basis for future court proceedings.

I wonder what his mother Zulfija Sarsyonov thinks about “her son’s” such achievements

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