Ithaca will cancel departures. Polish tourists get stuck in foreign resorts

  • Travel agency Ithaca said Friday that the network of connections needs to be updated. This situation occurs when one of the carriers withdraws from the service of charter operations
  • An alternative solution was provided to the customers of the troubled travel agency
  • As Piotr Henicz, vice president of the Travel Agency, has promised, all customers who have to stay longer in vacation areas are in the care of residents, and insurance, accommodation and food are provided.
  • Some customers have reported problems contacting the travel agent’s customer service center, while others are satisfied with the extended vacation.
  • Piotr Henicz explains that problems should not last more than a few days. “I hope everything will be fine by this weekend,” he admitted
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

On Friday, Ithaca Travel Agency announced this in a social media post The connection grid needs to be updated. This situation occurs when one of the carriers withdraws from the service of charter operations. As the travel company said, it was Aerodialia Airlines.

Tourists on holiday were greatly affected by this problem Greece, Tunisia and Egypt. Vacation makers also struggled with the difficulties of going on vacation in Spain over the Gran Canaria.

“She has no one who knows what will happen”

A group of tourists was scheduled to board a flight from Gran Canaria to Katowice on Friday. “We were not informed of the flight time. However, the flight was canceled for unknown reasons. The replacement flight was delivered on June 28, that is, within four days. Eventually, we will not be home until next Wednesday morning instead of Friday. This applies to the entire aircraft. The reason I do not officially know. We were told there was no plane to pick us up. The first flight available was Tuesday night, “Ms Magdalena told TVN24.

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On Sunday, we asked Ithaca Vice President Pyotr Henix about the current situation.

– Piotr Henicz promised in an interview with Onet Podróże.

However, tourists were forced to spend long vacations not only in the Canary Islands.

– Zakynthos has customers returning on Tuesday instead of Friday, but here The majority expressed a desire to stay. Tourists who did not leave Barcelona on Friday night returned yesterday, and many more will return today and tomorrow. We better send a coach for clients who need to be at work on Monday – explains Henix.

However, for those who do not have time to fly out, the travel company has come up with an alternative solution. An option Choose another offer with the possibility of changing the 20% price difference at no extra charge. Total cost of canceled event. The second option is for individuals who choose not to use alternative proposals – such clients, as guaranteed by the office, They can urgently rely on paid funds.

“That suits me best, an extra four days at Jakinthos”

However, Itaka’s vice president notes that most customers are satisfied with the situation.

– The words “nomad” or “trapped” are keywords, but these customers seem to be on vacation. 75% of people are satisfied that they can stay longer at the expense of the travel agency. Of course, there are those who have professional duties, etc., but We try to guarantee these customers as soon as possible, first we need to guarantee their income – Adds Vice President of Ithaca.

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There were also positive comments in customer feedback. “It simply came to my notice then. Four extra days at Jakinthos“- wrote one of them.

“We learned at 8pm last night that our flight would not take place at 7am from today. However Within two hours we were done with the thing, the office rose to the occasion and it gave us many options to choose from, after a few days we flew in and we chose a different direction. On the one hand, taking into account our last few personal events, this postponement turned out to be even better “- explained another customer in a comment.

Piotr Henicz confirms that tourists are noticed by residents. They have extended insurance, accommodation and food provided.

– Explain.

Difficult communication with the customer service center

In a comment under Friday’s post on Itakka’s Facebook profile reporting canceled flights, there were a lot of customer comments. Complain about difficult contact with the travel agency’s customer service center.

“We have sent you a complaint regarding the cancellation of our flight to Gran Canaria, we are still waiting for your response! We fly to Crete on Sunday, I advise you to accept our terms! Because I am writing this message here. The staff at your facility cannot help us and no one on your hotline will answer the phone. Since my husband and I had to adapt our entire vacation to your changes, now make up for all our nerves! Shame on you! Such a great company “- we read a comment from one of the clients.

Seller knows nothing, Ithaca did not respond to emails, This is ridiculous … “- wrote another customer.

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Piotr Henicz explains that difficult communication with a travel agency’s customer service center is caused by countless customer calls.

“Right now, the reason for this is media reports. About 5 percent of our customers are affected by these changes. With the size of our operations, this is 5 percent. A large number. In turn, this is 95 percent. Those who have guaranteed flights on their schedule, on days when nothing happens, call us to find out if everything is right on their travels, ”he explains.

Will Ithaca declare bankruptcy? “Problems will be resolved in a few days”

There was speculation in the comments that Ithaca Travel Agency would go bankrupt due to complications. “Itaka is on the verge of bankruptcy, I feel something …”, “Waiting 40 minutes on the hotline, no communication, calls from multiple numbers – this is wonderful, we are waiting for bankruptcy!” – We read in the comments.

Itaka’s vice president denied the allegations, saying “problems will be solved in the next few days.”

– We are a company that has been in the market for many years and has all the financial security. Let’s estimate the size. I believe so This weekend everything will be normal – Henix concludes.

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Sources: PAP, TVN24

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