Italy. Poll: Center-Right Wins Parliamentary Elections

According to Reuters, the right-wing bloc won between 41 percent. And 45 percent of the vote gave him a parliamentary majority.

The Italian Brothers won 22.5-26.5 percent of the vote. Votes, league 8.5-12.5 percent. votes, and Forza Italia 5-9 percent. votes.

According to poll results, the centre-left led by the Democratic Party won around 26-29 percent of the vote.

Meloni’s victory meant that for the first time an Italian government was headed by a woman.

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The Italian Brothers Party is part of a coalition with League leader Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi, three-time prime minister and head of Forza Italia, which he formed three decades ago.

The result marked the defeat of the centre-left Democratic Party led by Enrico Letta.

Who is Georgia Meloney?

Meloni was born in Rome in 1977. At the age of 29, he was elected to the House of Representatives from the list of the right-wing National Alliance and in 2006–2008 he was the Deputy Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament.

In 2008, aged 31, he became Minister of Youth in Silvio Berlusconi’s fourth government. He is the youngest minister in the history of the republic. He held this function until the fall of the cabinet in 2011.

He left the centre-right camp under Berlusconi and founded a new party in 2012. Since 2014, it has been called Fratelli d’Italia, referring to the first words of the Italian national anthem. The group he leads is considered the successor to the National Alliance, which emerged from the transition of the neo-fascist Italian Social Movement (MSI) founded in 1946.

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At the age of 15, Meloni joined MSI Youth. A recording also survives, when, as a 19-year-old, he called fascist dictator Benito Mussolini “a good politician” in a statement to French television.

When reminded of this years ago, she said, “Enough of this history of fascism and anti-fascism.” We were born in the 1980s and 1990s. “We will defend values ​​that are based on the Constitution and close to those who fought against fascism,” he added.

Since 2020, Meloni is the leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists Party. In the European Parliament, his group is in the same group as Law and Justice.

Since 2014, when Meloni led the Italian Brothers, the party has been in constant opposition to successive governments. It did not enter the last cabinet of Mario Draghi, who became the head of the National Consent Government in 2021.

Good relationship with Orban

Meloney participated in efforts to protect the family, opposing the granting of rights to same-sex couples. In 2016, he lost the mayoralty of Rome.

On his initiative, Parliament passed a law on the obligation to install devices to prevent children from being left in child seats in cars. It came into effect after a series of tragic events when many children, forgotten by their caretakers, died in closed, hot cars.

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In 2019, Meloni was elected MEP, but resigned to remain in the Chamber of Deputies in Rome. When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, he repeatedly criticized the then government of Giuseppe Conte, arguing that it was ill-equipped to deal with the crisis.

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He is a defender of national, conservative and Christian values. He always maintained good relations with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He recently expressed hope that the success of his formation in Italy would lead to the success of the Vox group in Spain, with which – he added – his party was bound by “respect, friendship and loyalty”.

A few years ago, Meloni caused controversy by exploring a same-sex relationship in the animated children’s film “Frozen 2.”

Elections in Italy have been accelerated

Early parliamentary elections were called after the collapse of the broad coalition that formed Mario Draghi’s National Unity Government.

It was the first election to be held following the enactment of constitutional amendments which reduced the number of representatives from 630 to 400 and the number of senators from 315 to 200. According to polls, a bloc of centre-right parties can expect a decisive victory. .

Nearly 51 million citizens are eligible to vote in parliamentary elections. There were 61,000 across the country. Election Commissions. More than 180,000 votes will be counted. People.

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