Italy. Media: Georgia Meloni invites Ursula van der Leyen to Lampedusa

According to Ansa, Ursula van der Leyen She must agree to meet on the island. There is still no official date for his visit to Lampedusa, but it is promised to happen “soon”, writes the company.

Migration stress“Italy has been experiencing since the beginning of the year, the result of a very difficult international situation, which is compounding the already existing problems in African countries with a situation of instability,” he said. Giorgio Meloni In a post posted on social media.

As he promised, the Italian government “starts with the fight against illegal immigration and fulfills its obligations every day” in every area with the citizens.

Lampedusa. Immigrants flock to the island

Since the beginning of the week Several thousand immigrants arrived in Lampedusa. This island is 6.5 thousand years old. Residents.

With more than ten boats of migrants still waiting to dock, the number of arrivals is likely to increase as they are yet to be accepted at the reception, known as the hot spot.

The situation is truly dramatic Agrigento president Filippo Romano said in an interview with Adnkronos news agency.

Italian media warn The situation is getting more and more serious. Thousands of migrants have been protesting and asking police officers to leave the docked ship for hours.

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