Israel. The attack on Iran was simulated, with several hundred planes in the air – the “Jerusalem Post” reported.

Israel is conducting the largest military exercise in its history. On Wednesday, it flew hundreds of security planes. According to the Jerusalem Post, the airstrikes on Iran were simulated.

This exercise is part of a month-long “Chariot of Fire” training. The planes – including war units and aircraft tankers – took off from various parts of Israel and headed for Cyprus, simulating attacks on distant targets from across the country, including Iran.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Israel has significantly increased its readiness and has taken several steps over the past year to prepare the military for an attack on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

The exercises conducted are the largest in the history of the country and involve thousands of soldiers and security personnel.

Israeli F-16 fighter jets (photo taken on May 2022)Eastern News

Israeli Defense Minister Beni Kang, who is in Cyprus on Wednesday, thanked the government in Nicosia and said the involvement of their country in the training of the Cyprus Accord shows the “depth of a strategic alliance” between the capitals.

Gan stressed that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) would “severely attack anyone who threatens the citizens of the State of Israel.”

Main photo source: Eastern News

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