Israel: Russia overturns UN resolution Call for a ceasefire

Presented by the representative of the Russian Federation during the meeting of the UN Security Council Draft resolution on conflicts in the Middle East. A page of text invites Release of hostagesAccess to humanitarian aid and Safe evacuation Public at risk.

Reuters – which determined the content of the document – also indicates that Moscow is proposing A humanitarian ceasefire And Condemns violence against civilians and terrorist acts.

Israeli PM on war: This is just the beginning

The health ministry in Gaza said after less than a week of fighting 1.9 thousand people died living in the zoneincluding 614 children. In turn, Tel Aviv authorities reported the death 1.3 thousand Israelis.

Meanwhile, Tel Aviv is preparing to intensify military operations in the Gaza Strip.

– We will never forgive We will not forget atrocities“Made by our enemies,” Benjamin Netanyahu said in a televised speech. The Israeli prime minister promised.Israel’s enemies are just beginning to pay the price“And promised”This is just the beginningÔÇťArmed Intervention.

Hamas fired rockets. They were stopped by the Israeli Iron Dome/AFP/AFP

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