Is the Kremlin not going to stop provocation? Russian soldiers must wear Ukrainian uniforms

Our informants gave us reports based on what we determined Shock troops formed as part of the 13th Tank Brigade and the 1st Motorized Rifle Regiment of the 1st Guards Tank Army of the Russian Armed Forces appeared near the border. Enemy units are located near the villages of Ivanovskoye in the Kursk region and Yamnoi in the neighboring Bryansk region. Each of these units has 160 soldiers, we read on the Ukrainian government website.

The Russian military is planning provocations to discredit us, divert attention from its crimes in Ukraine, mobilize its own people, and mislead world opinion. We are aware of all this, so we reveal the enemy’s data. He needs to know that we expect His actions.

Is this another time…?

According to Ukrainian officials and many Western commentators, the drone strike on the Kremlin, publicized by Russian state media on Wednesday, may have been a provocation. Officials in Moscow blamed Ukraine for the actions, calling them an act of terrorism and an attempt to kill Vladimir Putin.

This UAV test could be justified by Russia to increase the number of soldiers and people mobilized for the army and to carry out more attacks in the neighboring country. “This worries us,” EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell said today.

Source:, PAP

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