Is Russian invasion possible in Ukraine? RMF FM and “DGP” survey

More than 60 percent of RMF FM and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna – according to a recent United Services poll – poles view Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a possible scenario. The whole world’s view has now returned to the east, where the situation has been tense for weeks.

That was asked of the respondents According to them, an invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops is possible. 7.6 percent, by contrast, believe this is quite possible 53.5 percent of respondents considered such a situation “rather feasible.” He asked.

Most likely, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is considered possible by people who are more and more interested in politics – they follow all or almost all of the events that take place there.

26.1% of respondents considered the Russian invasion of Ukraine “rather impossible.” Respondents. The answer “not very likely” was chosen by 6.5 percent. Respondents.

6.2 percent say they do not know / difficult to say.

For weeks Russian forces are concentrated on the border with Ukraine. These actions raise serious concerns in Western countries, whose leaders believe the country’s military operation is in danger. Moscow says there are no such plans and accuses the West of being “hysterical”.

However, maneuvers in western and southern Belarus are tightening security around Ukraine. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said troops from the southern and western military districts had begun to mount and They will return to the garrisons.

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Russia, meanwhile, is clearly emphasizing its demands. Moscow wants NATO ending military support for Ukraine, among other things, withdraws from expanding the North Atlantic Alliance And all military operations near Russia’s borders came to an end.

In response to Russia’s demands, the Ukrainian president reiterated on Monday The question of the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO is only a question of Ukrainian decisions. Many journalists and leaders have suggested that NATO members should not be threatened or summoned, which could provoke Russia to react. – Said Volodomyr Zelensky. However, I believe we should go down the path we have previously chosen – Added.

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