Is Putin’s health deteriorating? “Self-isolation in a popular bunker”

The Daily Mail quoted General SVR Channel on Telegram. It is suspected that he is led by a former lieutenant of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, but there is no confirmation. An entry from August 18 shows that Vladimir Putin is feeling worse and worse and “soon he will not be able to personally organize meetings and participate in major events.”

“Now Putin may switch to remote work, citing the need to comply with anti-Covid restrictions. […] The dire epidemiological situation enables Putin to self-isolate in the notorious “bunker” and rule the country from afar,” the general reads on the SVR channel.

On August 18, Vladimir Putin was scheduled to hold several video conferences on the situation at the frontline. According to the Daily Mail, fears are growing in Moscow of a Ukrainian counter-offensive in occupied Crimea.

“The entire military leadership of Russia blames President Vladimir Putin for the failed opening and general course, as well as the huge losses in manpower and weapons,” writes General SVR.

According to the channel’s reports, the Kremlin talked about finding a way out of the current situation. Various options were discussed, ranging from “mobilizing and using tactical nuclear weapons, opening a second front in a third country and finally “gestures of goodwill” and returning the occupied Kherson, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv regions to Ukraine. , “we read.

According to the man who runs the channel, General SVR, “Putin was at the beginning of the ‘end of his rule’.”

Sources: Daily Mail, SVR General

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