Is Putin ill? Look at his mouth – o2

At midnight, on the eve of Orthodox Easter, a service was held in the church in Moscow. Sergei Sofian or President Vladimir Putin. As usual the last figure caught everyone’s attention.

This record was optionally analyzed in the media and on the Internet. It caused a lot of emotions. The reason is that Vladimir Putin behaved in a very strange and thought-provoking way during the Mass.

The 69-year-old politician was biting his lip, squeezing a candle and having no control over his facial muscles. He made strange masks, and at times he shook his head restlessly and confusedly. It was clear he was trying to control himself, but could not.

Is Putin ill?

Record of the Savior of the Moscow Cathedral of Christ broadcast on television. According to Reuters, the dictator actually spoke only once during the service.

He was truly resurrected, he would say.

The daily “The Sun” quotes hypotheses about Vladimir Putin’s person. Some say Putin may have Parkinson’s disease or that incurable cancer manifests itself in a weakened nervous system.

How true is that? It does not seem. Hidden topic in the President’s health mystery.

However, Putin’s behavior is certainly reminiscent He is currently in a bad emotional and physical condition.

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