Iran has announced that it will attack Israel. Joe Biden: I expect it to be soon

US President Joe Biden has said he expects an Iranian strike “sooner than later”. He also promised to assist in the possible defense of Israel. “Iran will not win,” Biden said.

“I don't want to go into classified information, but I expect it will come soon,” Biden said in response to questions from reporters after concluding his speech on the civil rights of black Americans.

Asked what the message was for Iran, he replied, “Don't do it.” – We are determined to defend Israel. We will support Israel, we will help Israel defend itself, Iran will not win, he promised.

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Iran says it will retaliate against Israel for attacking its embassy in DamascusABEDIN TAHERKENAREH/PAP/EPA

According to senior US administration officials quoted by US media, Washington's services expect an Iranian attack to happen soon. According to CBS News reports, this may happen on Friday, and according to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg – within 48 hours. Iran will use dozens or hundreds of drones and missiles. The US fears that the attack could come from Iranian territory, but – as it has so far – it could lead to a serious escalation by pro-Tehran militias such as the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Axios reports that Iran has warned against US intervention. In turn, US officials should pressure their Israeli counterparts to inform them in advance of a possible counterattack. According to the Washington Post, the Biden administration was frustrated by the lack of advance notice of the April 1 Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria, fueling tensions.

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Fears are growing that Iran will attack IsraelHubert Kijek/Fakty or Świecie TVN24 BiS

Main photo source: Michael Reynolds/EPA/PAB

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