Iran attacked Israel. Violent reaction to Bitcoin price

According to media reports, Iran has already sent hundreds of drones towards Israel. Daniel Hagari assured that his country is on high alert for Iranian attacks. Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported The Iranians fired rockets at Israel, and the time to reach the target was slightly shorter than the drones.. The first objects will appear near Israel in about two hours.

Israel closed its airspace. At the same time, Jordan pledged to be ready to intercept any missiles and drones launched by Iran if they violated its airspace.

Iran attacks Israel. Bitcoin price plummeted

US officials immediately responded to the attack. “President Biden continues to be briefed on the situation by his National Security Team and will meet with him at the White House this afternoon. His team is in constant contact with Israeli officials and other partners and allies. This attack will last for several hours,” National Security Council spokesman Adrian Watson said in a statement. wrote He reiterated that the US would support Israel in a possible conflict with Iran.

Bitcoin price immediately reacted to these events and dropped by 10%. About 61,000 died within 30 minutes of Iran's attack being announced. Dollars. Depending on the exchange, BTC price currently ranges from 61-63 thousand. hole Before the attack, the exchange rate was approximately 67,000. hole As a result, in total, the price of Bitcoin fell by approximately 5.8% throughout the day.


Iran attacks Israel. How will the economy react?

It is worth emphasizing that cryptocurrency rates react immediately to such events, as exchanges in this sector operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reactions to currency rates or oil prices won't show up very soon until Sunday into Monday night.

A potential attack by Iran on Israel could have significant consequences for the global economy. As we've described, Iran's involvement in Israel's war with Hamas is one of the factors driving oil prices higher in the short term. However, the worst thing in this case is the blockade of the Strait of Hormuz, which is very important for the “black gold” trade.. A significant portion of the global oil supply is transported through it.

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