iOS 18 update said to be the 'biggest' in history – 9 upgrades coming to your iPhone

With this year's WWDC scheduled, the countdown to our first official look at iOS 18 has begun. We've grown accustomed to seeing previews of Apple's upcoming software update during annual developer conferences. But there's special anticipation for WWDC 2024 given all the hype surrounding iOS 18.

Specifically, the iOS 18 numbers show Apple's first concerted effort to broadly include AI-powered features. This change has convinced some people that iOS 18 is going to be a pretty big deal. “I've been told that the new operating system is viewed within the company as one of the biggest — if not the biggest — iOS updates in the company's history.” Bloomberg's Mark Gurman wrote In an addendum to our January 2024 column detailing what Apple has in store.

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