iOS 18 reportedly brings these two upgrades to Apple Maps

Apple is reportedly planning some notable updates to Apple Maps as part of iOS 18. New rumors say iOS 18 will add support for “Create a Custom Route” in the US, and will extend topographic maps to the iPhone for the first time.

iOS 18: Apple Maps upgrades

Custom route creation will allow iPhone users to plan their own specific routes for a trip, instead of using one of the routes suggested by Apple Maps. Currently, Apple Maps will suggest multiple ways to get to your destination, but this feature in iOS 18 will give you full control over the finer details of your route.

Meanwhile, the addition of topographic maps to Apple Maps on iPhone comes after the Apple Watch added this feature that was part of watchOS 10 last year. Here's how Apple describes the watchOS 10 feature:

Apple Maps showcases a new topographic map featuring contour lines, ridge shading, elevation details, and points of interest. Users can also search for nearby trails and trailheads, using place cards that include detailed information, such as trail length, type, and difficulty.

These new Apple Maps features were a first Report by Nicolas Alvarezbased on code changes (via MacRumors)

Both updates are welcome updates to Apple Maps, and point to some of the plans Apple has for iOS 18 beyond the much-rumored customization and AI features. Apple Maps has improved dramatically and at a very rapid pace, from new EV features to support for offline maps and more.

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