Instagram DMs just got a lot better with the latest update

What you need to know

  • Meta has announced several new messaging updates for the Instagram app.
  • Users will now be able to reply to new messages without going to the inbox.
  • Tapping and holding the Share button on a post will bring up your closest friends.
  • Soon, users will be able to share music previews from Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

After the new messaging updates for WhatsApp and Messenger, Meta now offers a large number of features geared towards Instagram. The Updates Ready to make it easy to share posts and reply to messages from wherever you are.

One of the useful changes coming to Instagram DMs is the ability to reply to new messages while browsing. Instead of interrupting your browsing session, users will have a new in-app notification that will enable quick responses from where you are without having to go to the inbox.

In addition, when you find a post you want to share, you can now do it more quickly by pressing and holding the Submit button. This will display a row of your “closest friends” with whom you can quickly share the post – again, without interrupting your browsing. And in case you find yourself in your inbox, Meta highlights how there is a row at the top of your inbox – à la Messenger – that will show you who’s online and available to chat.

(Image credit: meta)

Meta is also introducing a new feature to Instagram which is Just rolled into Messenger. The new silent messages allow you to call your friends without triggering a notification, which can be especially useful if you’re texting late at night or don’t necessarily want to annoy someone.

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