Insider sabotage: How Blizzard lost touch with the WoW Classic community and repeatedly failed to meet its bottom line

world of cans It has been synonymous with the MMORPG genre since it was first released in 2004. Though Fabulous The definition of a fantasy role-playing game has remained over the years, its community slowly beginning to dwindle once Blizzard began operating under the Activision banner in 2008 with the most impactful slump occurring during Warlords in Draenor when Blizzard has stopped publicly reporting subscription numbers. with the Fabulous The community slowly abandoned its favorite game, and Blizzard began desperately searching for strategies to raise it to the top. Little did the developers know that the solution to all their problems would be to re-release the original games. Blizzard even went so far as to deny the players’ desires to come back Wow classic. In the infamous words of J. Allen Brack: “You think you do, but you don’t. “

Today, we are standing about to watch Blizzard re-release the third storm wow classic Version, The Lich King Classic’s Wrath. despite wow classic And the classic crusade Turned into a success that revived love Fabulous Among the long-lost fans, both iterations of the game were riddled with problems such as packing, boosting, and selling gold. It is expected that Blizzard, in its own way, has addressed these critical issues destroying the game, however, they have remained, in one way or another, an ongoing problem of classic wow This spoils the gaming experience for ordinary players. Largely due to mobilization, reinforcements and the sale of gold, classic wowIts economy, along with the ordinary players, suffers from gold inflation and needs to improve and increase the gold farm.

Blizzard attempts to get rid of classic wow System busters have been poorly received, with the community still believing that Blizzard isn’t doing enough to clear the game and return it to its original condition, as it was in the 2000s. Unfortunately, as we’re slowly stepping into the third iteration of classic wowThere is still no indication of Blizzard’s intentions to completely eliminate this type of behavior in the game. What’s more, Blizzard, since the release of WOTLK CLASSIC Prior to the patch, it only exacerbated the current state of the game with mass bans, server overcrowding, server imbalance, and a general lack of concern for long wait times, and unresponsive tickets. With all this in mind, it seems as if Blizzard is gradually losing its touch and failing to meet the minimum standards to make purchasing a subscription worthwhile. With Blizzard treating its game as second-class, why should we bother and waste our precious time and money on it?

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overcrowded unbalanced classic Servers with very long wait times and lack of modern servers

Screenshot via Blizzard Entertainment

in 2019, classic wow It was launched with new servers welcomed and hosted by the Hardcore classic Fans from all over the world. Since the sudden emergence of popularity classic wow Blizzard surprised and exceeded all possible expectations, the initially launched servers were full of long waiting times which forced Blizzard to release more new servers. Although the community had new servers at their disposal, players kept rushing to the server that was originally launched, and with that, massive servers were born. over time and classic wow The noise train slowly lost its power, servers started slowly bleeding from players leaving some servers deserted and others overcrowded. Although the community has called out for this issue over and over again, Blizzard’s only solution was to move the server that only addresses the symptoms of this issue. Furthermore, this caused more problems than solutions in the long run since many players were stuck in a loop of searching their local server without settling at all.

release TBC It slightly improved the server situation as it once again brought back tons of players looking to enter the Dark Portal and take down the Burning Legion. still, TBC Classic Servers found themselves in shoes similar to classic Once the expansion reaches later stages. and throughout TBC ClassicOnce again, Blizzard has shown very little effort to sort and balance servers.

The third time is magic. I think everyone when you release WOTLK CLASSIC The pre-patch was launched on August 30th. Although the version WOTLK CLASSIC Pre-correction was an excellent opportunity to fix the faction imbalance, overpopulation, and long waiting times, however the pre-correction only did more damage to the already fragile state classic servers by making queues longer and servers more dysfunctional and overpopulated. Furthermore, Blizzard initially only launched two new servers per area that instantly became full homes. Blizzard, which took its time even before tackling the wait times, She washed her hands about this problem. “There is no technical solution to this. There is no solution for this device. This situation will not improve when classic lush king wrath On the 26th of September, it will only get worse.

To this day, there are a lot of WOTLK CLASSIC Servers are experiencing long waits and overpopulation that probably won’t be resolved anytime soon.

Unfair mass ban in Wadi Al-Turk

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

with the release of WOTLK Before the patch, Altarac Valley, the legendary 40-man battlefield that could last for hours due to strategic defense, or rather tortoiseshell, rose in popularity again. This was largely due to PvP which now gives experience and equipment a good reputation. Since players rushed in droves into the Alterac Valley to kill time and have fun before the expansion’s official launch, unsportsmanlike behavior quickly emerged as players entered the battlefield and AFKing without making any effort to secure a win. This led to a mass ban from Blizzard that unfairly banned even the most specialized mills.

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Although there was no response from Blizzard for several days, Blizzard developers eventually spoke out and revealed that they had discovered A flaw in their system was behind the mass ban in the Alterac Valley. Unfortunately, Blizzard has not revealed the true nature of the flaw that thousands of players play with time and effort.

Allowing this fatal mistake to creep into your game and cause an undeserved mass ban of thousands of players is yet another sign of Blizzard’s disregard for loyalists. classic A community that was already experiencing issues like long wait times and server imbalance.

Total disregard for community tickets

Considering mass bans and server wait times, it’s no surprise that Blizzard’s customer support has faced a backlash from the community in the form of sweeping tickets and complaints. Instead of dashing on classic community and immediately help them solve their problems, no matter how small and irrelevant, Blizzard ignore tickets for days only to not solve the problem and mark it as solved. Although there are a lot of cases discussed on Reddit, we are going to discuss three main cases that stood out in the bunch.

Case No. 1 – Responding to the appeal of the ban seven days after five days

redditor u / hammich He shared a post on Reddit about how Blizzard issued a seven-day ban after a player accidentally spammed a trade chat using a lockpicking ad. The player simply forgot that he switched the trade chat macro with his escalating macro and received the ban by repeatedly pressing the trade chat macro. The player immediately appealed the ban to Blizzard Customer Support but received no response for four consecutive days. On the fifth day of the ban, Blizzard finally responded by lifting the ban, acknowledging that it was a simple mistake that could happen to anyone.

Case #2 – Simple account merge request ignored

Screenshot via Blizzard Entertainment

veteran Fabulous The player who played the original text Fabulous In 2004, believing he had lost access to his account, he created a new account to play the game he fell in love with back in its golden days. Therefore, the player creates a card that asks Blizzard to simply merge the two accounts even though he will lose some valuables in the process. After a six-day waiting period, customer support finally took a look at this request. By sending an automated response and marking the resolved ticket, customer support deemed the player’s condition not worthy of further attention.

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Case #3 – Blizzard sabotages character transport

Another story coming from Reddit is a story sh / Fast_Month_9460The transfer went wrong. The Redditor, who wanted to move from Gehennas to Mograine to join his group of friends and colleagues, ran into an error during the free transfer that hampered the transfer. Although the Redditor managed to transfer nearly all of the characters to Mograine, the main character, Warlock, could not be transferred due to an error claiming that the mailbox was not empty. Check the mailbox and try other methods like disabling add-ons, u/Fast_Month_9460 is still unable to transfer the character. In a last, desperate attempt to pass the character on to Mogrin, the player wrote a card outlining the case. Luckier than the other guys, the Redditor got a response from the GM just four days later. But free transfers, by that time, were closed. Unsurprisingly, GM said there was nothing left to do and that the main character would remain in Gehennas.

Blizzard is not connected to classic wow Society treats its product as a second-class product

Blizzard has a long history of ignoring player base feedback and treating them as strangers to the game, not as loyal fans who want to see their favorite game succeed. Blizzard’s recent behavior only proves that he has been out of touch with classic wow community, and does not provide players with services that meet the minimum game play and access to Blizzard resources. This is a clear sign classic wow Nothing more than a cash cow that is not worth investing her time and effort, not to mention your time and effort. So, why might it be a file classic wow Society continues to revere the game that Blizzard treats as a second-rate product not worth maintaining and repairing? Once Blizzard starts treating the game and the community with the respect they deserve, the game may once again experience its glory days.

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