Inside Out 2 Outperforms Quiet Place Prequel Like Horizon Bombs

Pixar Inside Out 2 The film remained atop the domestic box office in its third weekend with $57.4 million, enough to scare off Paramount’s introductory film. A Quiet Place: Day One After a closer race than expected.

Furthermore it, Inside out 2 The animated film “The Girl Who Dreamed” celebrates surpassing $1 billion in global ticket sales in record time for an animated film, or 19 days. The sequel, directed by Kelsey Mann, brings a whole new set of emotions to the mind as the story’s young heroine, Riley, becomes a teenager. Joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust are unsure how to feel with the arrival of anxiety, envy, boredom, and embarrassment.

Amy Poehler leads the voice cast that also includes Maya Hawke, Kensington Tallman, Lisa Lapira, Tony Hale, Lewis Black, Phyllis Smith, Ayo Edebiri, Lilimar, Grace Lu, Somaya Noureddine Green, Adele Exarchopoulos, Diane Lane, Kyle MacLachlan, Paul . Walter Hauser and Yvette Nicole Brown.

Inside out 2 It makes life difficult for Illumination and its global Fourth of July tentpole I am despicable 4The film, which opened in select foreign markets before its domestic Fourth of July release, has plenty of time to regroup. Now in 20 markets, the film earned another $13.9 million this weekend for a total of $25.3 million. DM3 is expected to set off fireworks when it opens nationwide on June 3.

While it came in number 2, A Quiet Place: Day One It has a lot to celebrate after scoring the best opening weekend of all time with $53 million, well ahead of its projected $40 million-plus debut. The prequel’s performance is especially impressive considering that franchise creator John Krasinski isn’t directing this time around; Emily Blunt isn’t starring.

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Instead, Michael Sarnoski (pig) was brought to the command First dayBased on a story he and Krasinski created together. Lupita Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn star in the $70 million film, which has generally strong reviews and a B+ CinemaScore, which is good for a horror film. An 18- to 24-year-old audience fuels the film, along with a racially diverse audience. It also acquired many premium Imax and large format screens from Inside Out 2which is now in its third weekend.

“the A quiet place “The franchise is still alive and kicking,” said Chris Aronson, Paramount’s president of domestic distribution. “We made the film feel new and fresh, and it takes its rightful place in the series.”

Directed by Krasinski A quiet place The film was a box office success in 2018 when it opened with $50 million despite having almost no dialogue. A Quiet Place: Part Two“The Last Day,” which will hit theaters on Memorial Day 2022 when the box office is still in recovery mode from the COVID-19 pandemic, has a four-day holiday total of $57 million, including $47 million for the three-day weekend.

First day It continues the June box office rebound that Sony started Bad Boys: Ride or Die And reinforced by From inside out 2.

It comes in third place at the domestic box office behind Inside Out 2 And First day Over the weekend, Kevin Costner’s $100 million Western, Horizon: An American Epic – Chapter One. The film died after its opening gross was estimated at $11 million (overseas sales figures were not immediately available). The big question now is what this means for Horizon: American Epic – Chapter Twowhich opens in mid-August.

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Horizon He’s undoubtedly one of the biggest curiosities of the summer after Costner left behind a lucrative gig on Taylor Sheridan’s hit show. Yellowstone He spent tens of millions of his own money to turn his decades-long project into reality through four Western films.

And the hope was that Horizon The film could have been a hit with older white men in the American heartland. While it did reach its target audience—57 percent of the audience was male, while more than 75 percent of ticket buyers were white—it didn’t do as well as hoped. The film’s B- CinemaScore and mediocre reviews certainly didn’t help matters. The best theater was in Salt Lake City (Costner shot the film in Utah).

Warner Bros. has agreed to distribute and market the film. The first two films in the Horizon series In exchange for a fee in the United States, Costner, who worked tirelessly to promote the film, invested $38 million of his own money, while two anonymous investors also contributed to the film. The rest of the budget came from selling the film rights abroad with the help of sales company K5 International, which premiered the film at the Cannes Film Festival. (Horizon Opens in many markets this weekend). Costner also brings up the marketing.

Bad Boys 4 I did almost as much as Horizon In its fourth weekend, it earned $10.3 million, placing in fourth place. The film’s domestic gross stands at $165.3 million. Overseas, it added $13.1 million from 66 markets for $332 million worldwide in a notable comeback for Will Smith after the Oscar slap. the last Bad boys (The installment ended up grossing $462 million worldwide in a less competitive market.)

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Telugu movie Kalki 2898 AD The new film, “The Last Day,” completed the top five list with $5.4 million in revenue from just 1,049 theaters.

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