Inside Kendall Roy’s $29 million “Caliphate” apartment

Kendall Roy’s NYC apartment that appeared in season 4 of “Succession” is currently on the market for $29 million.

Sean Himerle / McCall B. Polay / HBO

One of the many, many highlights of tuning in to HBO’s “succession” each week is getting to know how the other half lives.

Episode 4 of the show’s final season begins with Jeremy Strong’s Kendall Roy sitting in a huge, light-filled apartment as he contemplates the loss of his father, Logan Roy.

Unlike Logan and Marcia Roy’s home, which also features prominently in the episode, Kendall’s stunning space isn’t a set. In fact, the apartment is very real – and is currently on the market.

For a fan of the show, watching this penthouse apartment in prime time was a satisfying experience.

“It’s amazing to see your work over so many years on a show that people all over the world can see,” Joe McMillan told CNBC Make It. McMillan is the founder and CEO of DDG, the developer of 180 East 88th Street in New York City, where the luxury apartment is located.

“The building will outlast you and to see it appreciated and inspired by others is very gratifying,” he said.

The five-bedroom, four-bathroom, 5,508-square-foot “triple” apartment in Manhattan’s tallest tower on North 72nd Street costs $29 million.

The sprawling residence has an additional 3,500 square feet of outdoor space on all three floors.

The 5,508 square foot duplex residence has two living rooms.

Sean Himerle

McMillan told CNBC Make It that one of the apartment’s best features is the panoramic view of Central Park and the city skyline.

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“We wanted to take advantage of those views and that 360-degree openness,” he said. “You are so loud that your opinions are unsurpassed, but they are also very private because there is no one around who can dig into them.”

The apartment is designed with two living rooms, a large dining room, an eat-in kitchen, two floors, two half bathrooms, a spiral staircase dedicated to the second floor and the third floor on the roof, and a private elevator, according to Easy entry on the street.

The private rooftop terrace is over 2,100 square feet. Offers NYC views in all directions, gas fireplace, and access to powder room.

The private rooftop terrace is over 2,100 square feet and overlooks New York City in all directions.

Sean Himerle

McMillan says he and his team went to great lengths to create something truly unique.

The apartment features many imported materials such as oak floors from Austria, marble from Italy and German-made appliances. The outdoor bricks are handcrafted in Denmark.

“We wanted to make the building stand out because a lot of architecture in New York City is very similar,” McMillian said. “We wanted something iconic, to take advantage of the height we had and have a place that would stand the test of time.”

The apartment was designed with many imported materials, including German kitchen appliances and Italian marble.

Sean Himerle

The master bedroom has a gas fireplace, loggia terrace overlooking Central Park, and an en-suite dressing room.

Secondary bedrooms share direct access to a loggia balcony overlooking the eastern city and have their own bathrooms.

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The next owner of the “Caliphate” penthouse will have access to eight floors of amenities.

Residents of the 47-apartment building can make use of a fitness studio, playroom, residents’ lounge, basketball court, soccer field and games room. In addition, wine storage, residential storage and bicycle storage are available for purchase.

The penthouse apartment has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and two half baths.

Sean Himerle

McMillan said he couldn’t pass up the opportunity when HBO and “Succession” came calling, asking if it could shoot in a penthouse apartment. And he can’t wait to see the rest of the season as many scenes were shot during a two-week shoot in space.

“There was a great deal of care, time, effort and effort to make it the special place that it is,” he said. “I think anyone standing in the space would really appreciate that because there’s a sense of reveal as you walk through it.”

The apartment is laid out with plenty of outdoor spaces on all three floors.

Sean Himerle

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