In this way, the Ukrainians saved Kiev. “Everyone understood the outcome”

On February 25, the second day of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian troops deliberately opened a dam on Demidovo in the Kiev region, flooding the surrounding area and saving Kiev, preventing enemy tanks from moving toward the capital, the American newspaper The New York Times reported.

Floods in Demidovo blocked the northern edge of Kiev Played a key role in the fighting on the west bank of the Dnieper and in March. This was because Ukrainian forces thwarted Russian attempts to encircle Kiev, eventually pushing the Russians back. Created an effective barrier to water tanks And sent troops of the invaders to a less accessible, more populous area – the villages of Buxa, Irbin, and Hostomel.

In this way, the Ukrainians “bought” time to prepare for the defense of the capital. – The New York Times described the decision to open the dam in Demitovo as a “tactical victory”.

It also limited the possibility of crossing the Irfin River, one of the tributaries of the Dnieper. Russian troops failed to cross the barrier using a pontoon bridge and crossed the swamp under the fire of Ukrainian artillery.

Troops of the occupiers patrolled Demits, but thanks to the decision to submerge the area, the city was not at the front line and no major crimes against civilians were reported there, the American daily reported.

This decision was understood by all the villagers (Part of the village flooded – PAP) and no one regretted for a moment. We saved Kiev! – Said resident of Demidovo, quoted in the “New York Times”. Small loss of 50 houses flooded – Said one of the volunteers who is currently helping to filter Demido.

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Demidov is located near the Kiev Reservoir in Dnieper, in the Vysokrod district (district). The village is located about 45 km north of Kiev city center.

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