In Russia, mental illness is on the rise due to drone “attacks” on airplanes

In the wake of a sharp increase in unauthorized drone flights in recent days, Moscow airports are taking additional measures to strengthen security, despite the highest level of security since late last year.

According to the Telegram Aviatorschina channel Additional briefings were held with Moscow airport staff. They have been asked to be extra vigilant on duty and report any unauthorized persons, vehicles, objects and unmanned aerial vehicles in the vicinity of airports immediately.

“To improve overall traffic (aviation) security at Sheremetyevo International Airport, heads of companies operating facilities at Sheremetyevo International Airport should hold unscheduled briefings with support staff to increase awareness in the performance of their duties. To be aware of the presence of unauthorized persons, vehicles and household items within the boundaries of Sheremetyevo International Airport, “Any unauthorized persons, vehicles, unmanned objects, unmanned aerial vehicles near the border of Sheremetyevo International Airport should be immediately reported to Sheremetyevo Security JSC, DAT JSC MASH staff or police officers,” the statement said.

Only Sunday at Vnukovo Airport Two reports were received from staff regarding drones. At half past eleven, the driver of the escort vehicle on the apron reported seeing the drone at the end of the runway. Then, an hour later, the missile controller reported an unidentified object flying over the control tower.

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