I didn’t steal Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar joke

She denies being a comedy fraud.

Will Smith Viral Slap And it wasn’t the only controversy that surfaced during the Oscars: Comedian Amy Schumer recently refuted allegations that she had stolen a joke about Leonardo DiCaprio. During her speech at the 2022 Oscars.

The 40-year-old “Trainwreck” star revealed her condition while appearing on “Watch What Happens Live!” With Andy Cohen.

“I’m funny enough, I don’t need to steal,” Schumer insist on the part.

She was referring to her position at the Academy Awards, where the comedian poked fun at the 47-year-old DiCaprio’s fondness for dating younger women. “He has done so much to combat climate change and left behind a cleaner and greener planet for his girlfriends,” she joked.

Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, is known for dating younger models.
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Schumer has faced allegations of joke theft in the past.
Schumer has faced allegations of joke theft in the past.
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Then, during the “WWHL” call clip, a fan asked if she had picked up the single line from Almost identical post on Twitter as of December 2021. However, who was accused of stealing a joke in the past, They quickly dropped the allegations.

“Well, I’d say, I wasn’t in person on Twitter. The host of ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ replied live, ‘I made my assistant do it, just so I could survive and not kill myself.'” Also, that joke was written by Sully McCullough. .”

“But I always thank you for making sure I don’t start stealing,” she added.

The funny girl even claimed that she passed Lie Detector Test for Vanity Fair, insisting.” They asked me, thank God, “Have you ever stolen a joke?” And I said no, and it was true.

“Everyone just relax,” summed up Schumer, who was notoriously accused of stealing jokes in 2016 by feminist comedians Wendy Lippmann, Tammy Piscatelli and Kathleen Madigan.

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“Well, I would say, I haven’t personally been on Twitter,” Schumer said. “I made my assistant do it, just so I could survive and not kill myself.”
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Since then, the women’s rights advocate has refuted the charges SiriusXM “The Jim Norton Advice Show”. Meanwhile, all three defendants later toned down their criticism of Schumer: Lippmann and Madigan deleted some of their tweets, and Piscatelli said on “Norton” that some of her criticism “crossed the line, and I deeply apologize.”

In other Oscar news related to Schumer, he was The comedian recently called Will Smith’s slap viral Chris Rock at the 2022 Academy Awards is a “f-king bummer” and all about “toxic masculinity.”

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